Personal time tracker for tracking work hours.

WorkHours helps you keep track of all your projects, professional or personal. Time is a precious resource; know how you spend it!


Time tracking app

WorkHours is a well-designed application for tracking time and calculating your earnings.

Keep track of time spent working on your projects, whether it's a professional job, personal project, or your hobby. Organize your projects by creating Job Cards and add tasks, hourly rates, overtime rates, and locations. Use reports to have an overview of all your work and earnings grouped by jobs, periods and tasks.

Save time by tracking work with the Widget

With WorkHours widget, it takes just a few seconds to start or stop a timer from the lock screen of your iPhone.


Track time from the comfort of your wrist

With WorkHours for Apple Watch, you can control timers directly on your wrist without reaching for your phone. Thanks to custom complications, you can see the running timer and access the app right from your watch face.

  • Clock in and out with 1 tap
  • Manually add new time entries
  • Manage existing entries
  • Have an overview of your work
Apple Watch

More than a list of jobs

Create a Job Card for each project or task you want to measure. Then use timers to keep track of what you’re doing.

If you spend your day jumping between jobs, jobs list help you quickly get things done without losing your place. Just slide Job cards to clock in or out. Move your finger up or down while sliding a card to select a task. Tap on a job to view its details and manually add time entries.


Time Entries

You can see all your tracked time on the Entries page. Each time entry shows start and end time, the task you were working on, the duration and your earnings if this is a paid job.

Entries are grouped by Day, Week or Month, and you can quickly switch between them by selecting the desired period. Groups show summarized duration and earnings for all entries in the same Day, Week or Month so you can immediately see how much time you spent working. Tap on an Entry card to edit it.

Time Entries

View and manage time entries on Calendar Timeline

Time Entries can also be viewed on Calendar Timeline which shows entries on a calendar for every day.

The lines on top of day cells represent the time and duration of each entry. Just tap on a cell to show entries in more detail and edit them.

Calendar Timeline

Built-in reports

Use reports to quickly see all the work you did for any period you choose. View it as a list of jobs and periods or as a coloured chart.

  • Reports summarized by Jobs for current Day, Week, or Month.
  • Reports by individual tasks for every Job
  • Reports summarized by periods (Day, Week, Month, Year)
  • Work performance dashboard