What is WorkHours, and who is it for?

WorkHours is an application for tracking time and calculating earnings which focus on ease of use and meaningful presentation of tracked data. Users can clock in and clock out as they work or enter start and stop times themselves. WorkHours groups time entries by day, week, or month, so users can easily see how they spend their time week to week or across jobs. They can also view and export reports with many options to really drill down to more details.

WorkHours is designed for people who work random hours, remote workers, freelancers, students, or anyone who spends time working on personal or professional projects. They all have one thing in common: the need to know how they spend their time, who and how much to bill and have the ability to see the overall picture of their work as months go by.

It's available for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

What makes WorkHours unique?

  • The well-designed user interface that transcends regular tables with data.
  • Big focus on ease of use and data entry. (one swipe to clock in and select a task)
  • Many reports and customizable exporting options.

Main features of WorkHours

Time tracking made easy

You can create a Job card for each project, task, or any other area in your life you want to track time. Then, you can conveniently start and stop timers using either the WorkHours iPhone app, the Notification Center widget or the Apple Watch app.

Viewing Time Entries

You can see all your tracked time on the Entries page. Each time entry shows start and end time, the task you were working on, the duration and your earnings if this is a paid job. Entries are grouped by Day, Week or Month, and you can quickly switch between them by selecting the desired period. Groups show summarized duration and earnings for all entries in the same Day, Week or Month so you can immediately see how much time you spent working. Tap on an Entry card to edit it.

Calendar Timeline

Time Entries can also be viewed on Calendar Timeline which shows entries on the calendar for every day. The lines on top of day cells represent time and duration of each entry. Just tap on a cell to show entries in more detail and edit them.

Editing Time Entries

Each Entry in WorkHours can have an optional Hourly rate, Location, Task, and Notes, which is useful for people who want to store more detail about the task they were working on. It’s also easy to edit both start and end times, in case you started (or stopped) a timer at the wrong time.

Never forget to clock in or out again.

Receive notifications to clock in if you haven’t already by specified work time. WorkHours can alert you when you’re done for the day. Set an expected number of hours per day, and you’ll get a notification when you reach those hours, taking multiple time entries into account. You can also set a quitting time, and the app will remind you to clock out.


Reports show you summarized data for any period you choose. You can quickly see all the time you tracked and earnings you made. View it as a list of jobs and periods or as a coloured chart. Data can be grouped by Jobs or Periods (Days, Weeks, Months or Years).

Use work performance dashboard and see how your work for selected period compares to the previous one. Get a list of top jobs and tasks and see how many entries and notes you've added.


For every Job, you can set a list of Tasks which can be assigned to each time entry, and then see a breakdown of them in a separate report. This is handy for a more detailed overview of what tasks exactly take up your time. When you clock into a Job you can very easily (whit a simple scroll) select a task thanks to well-designed user interface.

Export to PDF, CSV or TXT

Tracked data can be easily exported to PDF, CSV, and TXT files. There are many options available where you can select which data to be exported.
You can:

  • Select a period by selecting predefined current Day, Week, Month, or select custom range of dates.
  • Select which Jobs you wish to export
  • Select the format (PDF, CSV, TXT)
  • Select how exported data is grouped (by Job or by Day)

Notification Center widget

With WorkHours widget, it takes just a few seconds to start or stop a timer from the lock screen of your iPhone.

Apple Watch app

With WorkHours for Apple Watch, you can control timers directly on your wrist without reaching for your phone. Thanks to custom complications, you can see the running timer and access the app right from your watch face. You can also view and edit any time entries and because watch app is connected to the iPhone app any changes you make immediately show on your iPhone or vice versa.



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The story behind WorkHours

While developing apps and managing my own app business, I realized I needed a way to keep track of time I spent working on each project. I often found myself trying to estimate the time it took to complete a task and even remember all the bugs I fixed or features I implemented. I wanted to have a record of all my work and the ability to always look it up as weeks and months go by.

When I decided to build an app which would allow me to do all this, I had a list of features the app would need to have and a basic idea of how it would all look. Over the course of development, it became everything I originally envisioned and so much more, an amazing tool to keep track of my time and earnings, with a well-designed user interface that is clear and simple to use. I took great care in apps design so users would be able to track their projects quickly with minimal effort.

I’ve been using it to track all my work as well as personal life for well over a year now, and it has proved to be an indispensable tool. It has been a long process, but now I know exactly where my time went, and I can always check what I was doing last month. I hope WorkHours can do the same for anyone who decides to try it out.